Opportunity: Calling for J4T Reporting

Calling for Journalists for Transparency Investigative Reporting


J4T is calling for journalists to cover investigative stories and multimedia reporting focusing on exposing corruption in our daily lives and or ‘Holding Power to Account’.

Reporting focusing on the following thematic objectives will be given priority :

Protect the public’s resources

Stop flows of dirty money

Secure integrity in politics

Drive integrity in business

Pursue enforcement and justice

Expand civic space for accountability

Build community leadership against corruption

To learn more about Transparency International’s vision for ‘Holding Power of Account’, and the above thematic objectives see a global strategy against corruption for 2021-2030.


Who can apply ?

This call is targeted at members of the IACC Young Journalists/Journalists for Transparency network.  

You can apply in a team with peers/other journalists who are committed to our values and may join the J4T network  meeting the criteria listed below:

  1. – work as journalist covering the issues of social, economic, humanitarian or equality perspective, as it relates to corruption.
  2. – are skilled in one or more of the following areas: digital/print Journalism, broadcast journalism, photojournalism, Digital Storytelling, social media, and video editing.
  3. – are passionate about fighting corruption and social injustice and keen to learn more about Transparency International, the IACC Series and the issues we work on.

How to Apply?

The call is open until 11 February 2022. Please submit your application (CV, reporting pitch, timeline, indicative budget of no more than 5000 Euros, 1-2 work samples) to iacc@transparency.org

The timeframe for this reporting is ideally in the first quarter of 2022. Pitches for reporting after 31 March 2022 will be considered depending on the amount of funding available.  Please indicate your reporting timeframe in the pitch.

*Stories and documentary reporting may be published on the IACC and Transparency International social media platforms, as well as the www.j4t.org and Films for Transparency.

We ask recipients to please prioritize your safety and the safety of the communities in which you work. While some journalists may put themselves in harm’s way or unnecessary legal risk in pursuit of a story, we ask that you please take all precautions to protect yourself and the communities you cover. Please follow local, regional, and national guidelines for accredited journalists in your region.