Journalists for Transparency is a collective of journalists and storytellers that seeks to explore issues of transparency and corruption around the globe. “Spoiled: Corruption from Farm to Table" was carried out in partnership with International Anti-Corruption Conference.

We sent our team of journalists on a mission to answer the question: Is the food on your plate really as pure as you think it is?

  • Who we are

    From The New York Times and Mashable to the Associated Press and National Geographic, our journalists’ work has appeared in dozens of major publications. Meet the reporters behind the stories below.

  • How it’s done

    The Journalists for Transparency initiative is incubated by the International Anti-Corruption Conference. We are passionate about in-depth, multimedia-rich reporting on issues of transparency and corruption around the globe, and how they affect citizens' daily life. 

  • What's next?

    You can help us decide. While "Spoiled" focuses on food safety, we intend to cover a wide variety of corruption-related issues. If you’d like to see a particular issue covered or get involved, please drop us a line at

Journalists & Editors

Yinka Adeparusi Yinka Adeparusi Andrea Arzaba Andrea Arzaba Yolaan Begbie Yolaan Begbie Rajneesh Bhandari Rajneesh Bhandari Maria Paula Brito Maria Paula Brito
Stephanie Burnett Stephanie Burnetti Domas Burkauskas Domas Burkauskas Jimmy Chalk Jimmy Chalk Ryan Hicks Ryan Hicks Anna Therese Day Anna Therese Day
Virginie Nguyen Huang Virginie Nguyen Huang Piero Locatelli Piero Locatelli Bolanle Omisore Bolanle Omisore Ryan Patch Ryan Patch Jessica Weiss Jessica Weiss